Related projects

Networking with other LIFE and non-LIFE projects

By identifying knowledge, good practices, methodologies and tools for the integration and promotion of project activities, we create long-lasting relationships with our related projects. The purpose of networking is to discover new dimensions for the implementation of the LIFE IP CARE4CLIMATE project.

LIFE Cyclamen

The project's objective is to strengthen the Cypriot LIFE national contact points with personnel, skills, knowledge and networking that will enhance the effectiveness and outreach of its services to applicants for new LIFE projects. This would consequently be reflected in the quality and the number of proposals submitted to the LIFE programme at the national level under the Environment and the Climate Action Sub-Programmes.

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The objective of the LIFE UNIFY – Bringing the EU together on climate action is to contribute to the timely and effective transition to a low-carbon society and economy with the help of three key public and political processes: long-term climate strategies at the national and EU levels, National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) and the programming of EU funds.

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The LIFE Climate Path 2050 project is aimed at monitoring progress and planning climate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in buildings, transport, industry, agriculture, forestry and waste. The project builds on the development and complementation of the existing system for the preparation of projections and monitoring the implementation of measures. The objective of the four-year-long project is to set up a decision support system that will enable Slovenia to set its own 2050 GHG emission reduction targets and contribute towards the international target of limiting the growth of global temperature. By collaborating with decision-makers, the LIFE Climate Path 2050 will ensure an extended, better and facilitated use of analyses in decision-making processes when planning climate actions, monitoring the implementation of measures and transferring the results to the national level. Various paths towards reducing emissions to meet the targets will be analysed and will also be evaluated in terms of the wider economic benefits and the introduced advanced monitoring of progress in the implementation of measures.

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The Finnish project LIFE-IP CANEMURE started in November 2018 and will continue until October 2024. The main partner and the coordinator of the project is the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). Seven Finnish regions and as many as 39 municipalities are participating in the project, accounting for one third of Finnish territory and two thirds of the population of Finland. The project's objective is to significantly contribute towards the implementation of Finnish climate change policy, as laid down in two important national documents (Finland's National Energy and Climate Strategy (NECS) and Finland's medium-term climate change policy plan for 2018–24). The project deals with measures of low-carbon mobility, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (mainly of agriculture and forests from organic soils), increasing the energy-efficiency of buildings, promoting decentralised renewable energy production and localised solutions, developing and implementing climate sustainable solutions for urban planning and creating conditions for the uptake of clean technology solutions and climate-friendly choices in production and consumption. A part of the project is intended for obtaining, using and disseminating new information on climate change mitigation measures and increasing synergies between climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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